Edge of Eros Challenge

Day 1

What is that edge you’re dancing with? Leaning into this part of our erotic landscape can also be both enlivening and liberating. The first pillar of EROS is Euphoric, Enthusiastic, Explorative. Let’s dive in together!

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Day 2

What stands in our way? And how can we transform it? Today we delve deeper into the Four Pillars to explore the “R” in EROS. What do you do for your Reliable, Relaxing, Revelation practices?

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Day 3

The Journey of Erotic Transformation includes creating our own Erotic Oasis. The big “O”! Identify what really lights you up, turns you on, and how to ask for exactly what you want without feeling shame or embarrassment!

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Day 4

Today we are choosing Eros as our compass – our orientation to life.  What happens when you explore your YESness? Today is the fourth pillar, which includes practices that can be Sensual, Self-Activated, and in Surrender…

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Day 5

We are learning how to thrive and integrate this immersion into our lives. You find your discoveries by riding the edge. There is empowerment in unlocking EROS as a lifestyle and practice. Our final session together was a beautiful climax this journey!

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Your role as a candidate or ambassador is to ensure that the members are seen & heard, contribute to the discussions, demonstrate what it means to live and behave as an Embodied practitioner and leave the coaching to Saida.