Dare 2 Desire Challenge

Day 1

Are you ready to embrace your hidden power of DESIRE? Let’s dare to discover your sensuality and deliciousness! Allow yourself to tap into your desires as we dive into this 5-day experience together.

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Day 2

It’s okay to have unresolved desire, to sit with it, and see how it evolves. You can marinate in your yearnings in order to learn more about yourself. What do you truly long for?

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Day 3

We’re in the middle of a powerful week! Repeat after me: “I’m not broken, and I don’t need to be fixed!” You can love yourself in the journey of your discovery. You are the queen of your own desires.

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Day 4

Are you willing to receive more deeply? You are building an evolving relationship with yourself and with others. It’s possible to have your own secret love affair with life itself!

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Day 5

Desire offers discovery for something bigger – for life itself to thrive within you. Give yourself permission to explore. What is OPEN for you? 

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Your role as a candidate or ambassador is to ensure that the members are seen & heard, contribute to the discussions, demonstrate what it means to live and behave as an Embodied practitioner and leave the coaching to Saida.