Body Ecstatic Challenge


Day 1

It is quite revolutionary when we take a stand for our body and pleasure! This first training video dives into why being body ecstatic is essential to living a fulfilling life – right here and now.

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Day 2

Let’s explore what it costs us to NOT have pleasure lead our life… and it’s a big cost!! We are wired for pleasure. Transformation happens when we apply the right tools in the right moments.

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Day 3

Today we look at our definitions of ourselves, others, and reality. What would happen in your life if you felt more connected with yourself, no matter what was happening in the world?

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Day 4

There are two main pillars to having a thriving body ecstatic lifestyle: self-practice and vibrant community. How would it feel to be celebrated, seen, heard, and uplifted?

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Day 5

We sometimes prevent ourselves from having the very thing we deeply yearn for because we believe we’re too much (or not enough) of this or that. This is about coming back deeply into your body with respect, delight, and even a little surprise!

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Your role as a candidate or ambassador is to ensure that the members are seen & heard, contribute to the discussions, demonstrate what it means to live and behave as an Embodied practitioner and leave the coaching to Saida.